Internalization, perseverance and innovation

Update:2020-06-28 11:27:13

CEN Mengda, Chairman of Lamo group said that as a fine enterprise, no matter anti-dumping, tariff or global consumer market stagnancy, only focusing on professional and internal skills can it turn passive into active, and the enterprise is also committed to improving its core competitiveness. As we all know, China's first "water / ice making" dual-purpose machine was born in Lamo's technology research and development room. At the same time, Lamo invests 10 million RMB every year to develop the automatic transformation of machine replacement, improve quality, reduce cost and increase efficiency. At present, the new plant is also in the process of emergency preparation and expansion.

Product innovation is the vitality of Lamo electrical appliances. Its innovation mainly centers on two main lines of "specialization and refinement". Of course, Lamo's innovation is not only reflected in the farsightedness of the decision-making level, but also embodies the wisdom of the first-line producers. It is reported that in order to encourage front-line employees to actively participate in the company's product research and development and innovation, Lamo has set up a "science and technology contribution award" to select "excellent science and technology talents" every year. At the same time, the first-class incubation base of technical talents in the industry is also established, which lays a good foundation for the renewal of products and the enhancement of the market competitiveness of enterprises. It is with such a top-down innovation atmosphere that Lamo's products can occupy a seat in the international market. Behind this innovation trend is a first-class R & D center of equipment. The center invests 6 million RMB and covers an area of 600 square meters. Not only the energy consumption testing laboratory has passed the CNAS accreditation, but also its electrical safety performance testing laboratory has become a witness laboratory recognized by many foreign certification companies, providing an important guarantee for the continuous upgrading of enterprise products.